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Aviation Mechanic Career Education

Conscientious career seekers are beginning to notice various niches that are not obvious to up and coming millennials. One such niche is in the field of Aviation. Careers in Aviation and Aerospace are not only burgeoning, they have remained solid and present in the job market regardless of the country's economy.

Career Prospects

Employment of aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians will be best for mechanics who hold a certificate in the area of expertise.

Job Description

Aircraft Mechanics' Titles
The Federal Aviation Administration refers to licensed aircraft mechanics as AMT's, which stands for Aircraft Maintenance Technician. However, the more common acronym is Aircraft A & P, which stands for Airframe and Powerplant.

Why Choose Aviation Maintenance?
The general public usually thinks only of airline carriers when they think of aircraft. Reach out to the world of private and corporate aviation, and there is an endless plethora of opportunity in which to earn a lucrative living working on other people's private propeller-driven aircraft or jet aircraft.

American economics dictate that persons who can afford to own their aircraft obviously can afford to have them maintained and repaired. Furthermore, the industry sets in place much more stringent regulations on the maintenance of keeping these vessels airworthy. Automobiles are not subjected to this extensive scrutiny. This is not a catalyst to extort or gouge money from the wealthy; it simply sets forth basic supply and demand consumerism.

Aviation mechanics have a level of pride and sophistication that is not present in some other technical fields. Pilots' and passengers' lives are literally at the mercy of the mechanics' efficacy (albeit the conscientious pilot-in-command is required to perform a thorough pre-flight inspection).

Other Benefits and Perks
For those individuals who would ultimately seek a commercial, instrument, and eventually AP pilot's license, a vocation as an aircraft mechanic is an excellent gateway to and a deterrent to the exorbitant expense of flight training. Many fixed base operators (FBO's) eagerly provide discounted flight training to their aircraft mechanics.

It is also lucrative to future pilots to earn a certification as an aircraft mechanic because they are able to work on their own aircraft and potentially even sign off on Aviation Directives (AD's) and Annual Inspections.

Average Pay Scales
According to multiple website reports, a certified jet mechanic can expect to command at least $35 per hour, but this is subject to fluctuations depending upon the employer. The base salary is generally at least $18 per hour for almost all aircraft mechanic positions.

Other Aviation Options
If a career as an aircraft mechanic is not the job seeker's forte, but the field of Aviation and Aerospace is intriguing, there are myriad other careers in this paradigm. Airports everywhere seek and employ Avionics technicians to work on the instruments used in flying. International airports seek individuals with technical training to staff their flight-lines, and these jobs come with lucrative benefits.

Explore This Possibility
It is a wise decision to "look to the skies" for opportunity that abounds in the field of Aviation Maintenance.

Important Aviation Mechanic Certifications

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certification

Mechanics can choose to pursue certification in airframe mechanics, power plant mechanics or a combination of the two. The general requirements are the same, but the testing varies depending on the certificate type.

How Much Does a Trained Aviation Mechanic Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a trained aviation mechanic mean salary was $28.98 per hour or $60,270 per year. As with any occupation, a aviation mechanic salary is dependent on the job, employer location, and level of experience. Aviation mechanic salary is usually implemented in the form of hourly wages, which will increase based on skill level, knowledge, and experience.