Benefits of Becoming an Aviation Mechanic

Being an aviation mechanic is an interesting and rewarding career.

Working with airplanes and helicopters is exciting and it is a job that is constantly changing and evolving. No two days are the same. The mechanic can choose to be a specialist, however, all aviation mechanics have the expertise of knowing every part of an airplane. So what are the benefits that come with this dynamic job?

Personally Rewarding

Aviation mechanics take pride in the work that they do. They see planes take off every day knowing that their hard work and efforts contributed to that. The work is never mundane and truly makes a difference.


Aviation mechanics get to travel constantly. They go to different locations based on company needs, so they are never stuck in one place for too long. This keeps the job exciting, as the mechanics are always getting to see new places, meet new people, and learn new skills.


The salary for aviation mechanics is higher than the national average. Median pay for this career is approximately $60,000. Depending upon different factors, the pay can be more or less, however, aviation mechanics always have the opportunity for advancement and increased pay. There is the opportunity to get an A&P license, which can lead to a higher paying job.

Career Opportunities

There are opportunities other than aviation for a mechanic who holds an A&P license. An option is servicing hydraulic systems and components. Many careers exist in the field of aviation.

Job Opportunities

Jobs for an aviation mechanic are readily available and in demand. Employment is available in many cities, so the worker can choose from a variety of places where they would like to be. This provides a better sense of job security as well.


Many aviation mechanics choose to work for an airline, which provides wonderful benefits, such as free or discounted travel. This is an excellent perk to receive.

Training Period

The training period for this career is relatively short. A candidate can become an aviation mechanic in as little as 18 months. They can then choose to enter the field immediately after graduation in an entry level position.

Flexible Working Hours

Being an aviation mechanic does not carry a typical 9-5 schedule. Rotating shifts allow the workers to choose a schedule that best fits their needs. This can be beneficial for working parents, or those who have outside obligations. Aviation mechanics can choose to work during the day or night, as their services are needed around the clock.

On The Job Training

Since aviation mechanics are always traveling, they are constantly learning from new people they meet. This allows them to improve their skills, leading to job advancement. The aviation mechanic gains experience through the knowledge they acquire on the job, allowing them to rise to the top of the field.

Minimal Supervision

Aviation Mechanics enjoy working with minimal supervision. This helps boost confidence, as they realize their skills are respected and taken seriously. It provides a high level of trust for the mechanic.

High Standards

This is a career which boasts very high standards. Aviation Mechanics can have a sense of confidence and fulfillment knowing that they have great attention to detail, and their skills are highly effective. It gives the mechanic a sense of satisfaction knowing that their work is accurate and up to par at all times.

Job Growth Outlook

Job growth for this field of work is constantly growing. As air travel increases so do the need for highly skilled aviation mechanics. Jobs are plentiful in this field, allowing workers to have a range of employment opportunities to choose from.